It is proved by experience that multi stakeholder networks are more efficient while advocating and crafting policies. In that purpose Oxfam initiated Agricultural Alliance of Armenia, which is a multi-stakeholder network compounding 19 state, international and local organizations.
On December 6, 2011 actors in agricultural development sector signed a Memorandum of Understanding while being committed in a long term partnership and collaboration.  Alliance is a synergy of joint effort and enduring expertise aiming at bringing efficiency to existing problems and generating lasting change in the field.
What is the need?
- Lack of increase the efficient use of agricultural resources, lack of improvement the business environment for businesses and low effectiveness of value chains.  
-  Lack of expert knowledge of the agricultural sector, a high need for improving the extension services system and improving the accessibility of innovative technologies, as well as need for increasing human resource base and their effectiveness in agriculture; lack of information sharing and exchange practices and a need for targeted research work.  
Poor sectors of seed-farming and livestock breeding and a high need for setting up effective mechanisms for developing those sectors.  
Ensuring accessible financial services for small-holders, including improvement of conditions for crediting and leasing services
A need for integration of border communities into free economic zones
A necessity for introducing an insurance system for harvest and livestock for the purpose of mitigating agricultural risks that arise as a result of natural disasters
A need for introducing international quality and safety compliance standards for agricultural produce  
Improving the RoA legal framework for agricultural cooperatives, creating conducive environment for establishment, management and promotion of cooperatives.
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The Alliance directs its efforts to support the resolution of above mentioned issues.
Recognition by the Ministry of Agriculture
One of the first and important AA achievement was the establishment of a sustainable and co-operative relation with the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2013 AA and MoA signed a Memorandum of Understanding setting the solid base and format for joint cooperation in the sector of Agricultural Development.