Women in Labor Market: regional workshop in Aghveran

On October 2-3 a regional workshop took place to discuss the labor rights issues in Armenia.

It was organized within a project: Promoting economic growth, enforcing rights: women in the labor market, which is co-funded by the Visegrad Fund and EU. 

The meeting seeks to address the challenge of reconciling the promotion of a thriving and dynamic business environment with the need to protect effectively the labor and socio-economic rights of citizens, specifically those of women. 

Participants of the workshop were representatives from different sectors: public and private, government and civil society, educational institutions, media. Thanks to the support from the Visegrad Fund workshop hosted special guest from Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic who shared their knowledge and expertise in the issues of gender equality in  labor market, the role of Trade Unions to achieve decent work for all, as well as the possible ways to adapt V4 best practices in Armenia. 



Karoly Zoltan Gyorgy, an expert from Hungarian Trade Unions presented the mechanisms for strengthening Trade Unions.  




Kinga Jawnuta Nowicka Lohmann, from Karat coalition, Poland presented advocacy tools, success stories for building gender-sensitive policies in the field of the labor market: Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) as a tool for advocacy.  



Kristyna Flutkova from Business Leaders Forum Czech Republic shared the experience on  Gender equality and Business promotion, highlighting  Gender inequality as a part of CSR. 

The Project: “Promoting growth, enforcing rights: women in the labor market” is funded by Visegrad Fund. It is a part of a bigger project: INSPIRED+ Armenia, implemented by OxYGen Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women Rights and The European Partnership for Democracy (EPD).