Women in the Labor Market: 3 Dialog Events


Within the Visegrad funded Project: Promoting growth, enforcing rights: women in the labor market 3 dialog events took place with Trade Union representatives, private sector actors, and women rights organizations.

The meeting seeks to address the challenge of reconciling the promotion of a thriving and dynamic business environment with the need to protect effectively the labor and socio-economic rights of citizens, specifically those of women. 

Visegrad experts from Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic shared their knowledge, expertise and best practices by presenting:


- Hungarian experience on Strengthening of the role of Trade Unions for achieving decent work for all

- CZ best practice for maintaining Gender equality as a part of CSR

- Poland experience in promoting gender equality in the labor market, women’s access to decent work and women’s roles in the labor market.

The Project: “Promoting growth, enforcing rights: women in the labor market” is funded by Visegrad Fund. It is a part of a bigger project: INSPIRED+ Armenia, implemented by OxYGen Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women Rights and The European Partnership for Democracy (EPD).