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Emergency Housing Assistance to Displaced Syrian Armenian Families

Syrian project

Since the start of the devastating conflict in Syria in 2011, about 22 000 Syrian citizens, of ethnic Armenian background, have arrived to Armenia. Oxfam, partnering with OxYGen Foundation, in line with its humanitarian mandate, jointly with its Diaspora partner Armenian Redwood Project, announced its commitment to augment the valuable efforts, pioneered by UNHCR in Armenia supporting people displaced from Syria. In the frame of joint “Emergency Housing Assistance” project, launched in February 2015, partners provide rental subsidies to vulnerable families displaced from Syria, seeking protection in Armenia.

The project goal 

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the mitigation the humanitarian situation of the most vulnerable Syrian Armenian families, displaced as a result of Syrian crisis. Our objectives are:

  • provide rental subsidies to the Syrian most vulnerable displaced families in Armenia for addressing their immediate housing and psycho-social needs,
  • establish a replicable model of Core Group of qualified social workers dealing with immediate needs of displaced people,
  • contribute to the development of long term solutions for integration of displaced Syrian Armenians into society.
They got access to a range of emergency assistance, with the special focus on needs of children, women, elderly and people with special needs. Rental subsidy, provided to the displaced families, aimed at creating some form of an interim “safety-net” program, with possible longer-term housing solutions being explored by the partners.

In March 2016 “OxYGen” Foundation, with financial support from Oxfam GB, Mission East and the Armenian Redwood Project (ARP), started implementation of the II phase of the “Emergency Housing Assistance ” project with close collaboration with “Mission Armenia” NGO, assisting another 300 families. With the funding of 360 000 USD, the project aims to scale up the impact of emergency housing assistance, by addressing the barriers for integration of displaced people and providing long term solutions for their problems.