Our programs

Emergency Housing Assistance to Displaced Syrian Armenian Families


Project duration: June 2016- July 2018

“OxYGen” Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women Rights currently is implementing “Improving SmallHolder Farming through Agricultural Cooperatives and Value Chain Development in Tavush Marz, Armenia” Project Phase 2 (hereinafter Project). 
The Project is financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). 
The Project is a continuation of similar project (Phase 1) implemented by Oxfam in Armenia in 15 rural communities in the Tavush Marz of Armenia during 2012-2015 which had been also financed by the Austrian Development Agency. 

The project goal 

Economically and institutionally viable agricultural cooperatives promoting women’s leadership and economic empowerment and providing high quality market services to smallholder farmers in Tavush Marz.


The Results of Our Activities:

  •  Beneficiary cooperatives and their rural agri-business infrastructures (greenhouses, fruit and berry processing plant and its cold storage facility, food drying facilities) are economically and institutionally viable,
  • Increased engagement of rural women in business enterprises and increase of their influence at community and provincial levels,
  • Increased participation of the smallholder beneficiary farmers in agricultural policies implementation monitoring through engaging them in provincial working group.

The Project is being implemented in 15 communities of the Tavush marz of Armenia, namely Hovq, Gosh, Getahovit, Yenoqavan, Khashtarak, Ditavan, Aygehovit, Achajur, Sevqar, Sarigyugh, Tsaghkavan, Koghb, Haghtanak, Ptghavan, Lchkadzor. The Project is expected to benefit around 500 poor men and women smallholder farmers from the mentioned beneficiary communities through a range of activities, including: development of agricultural cooperatives and value chains, facilitating credit provision, marketing assistance, and developing rural agri-business infrastructure (greenhouses, food drying facilities, fruits and berries processing plant and cold storage facility).