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Promoting Women Political Participation in Armenia

Project duration: January- December 2017


The key premise of the project is the need for women, forming more than half of the Armenian population (52%), be equally represented in the politics and make their voices heard.




We contribute to enhance political representation and participation of women in 2017 local, Yerevan municipality and Parliamentary elections and to promote women’s agenda into wider political discourse in Armenia.

We build the capacity of women candidates and elected women in LSGs and Parliament to:
  • Support the development of an improved enabling environment for better political representation and participation of women
  • Express the need for bringing together different actors, such as women MPs, political parties and media representatives, who can collectively promote women’s enhanced political participation, as well as gender-sensitive policy agendas.
We act to:
  • Enhance capacity of women representatives of political parties to promote women’s political participation and gender-sensitive political agendas in elections in RA
  • Increase capacity of women candidates and elected women for local self-governance bodies in Tavush and Vayots Dzor marzes to fulfil their required duties and responsibilities in the local government – including integration of women’s issues at the community level into local political agendas
  • Initiate media discourse promoting public support for women’s political participation at national and local levels.

The project builds on Oxfam-funded OxYGen project “Equal: from economic empowerment to political participation” implemented from 2015-2016.
The Project is implemented by OxYGen Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women with partnership with the info-analytical portal WomenNet.am and Family Academy NGO with the fanatical support of Government Offices of Sweden.




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