Our programs


Project duration: 01/07/2018–30/06/2019


We aim at enhanced women political representation and participation at the national level decision- making.

The key premise of the project is the need for women, forming more than half of the population (52%) of Armenia be equally represented in politics and make their voices heard.

We facilitate the wider political discourse on Women’s Agenda leading to positive changes in the government policies.

We build up the capacity of women leaders participating in electoral processes and empower women MPs to influence decision-making in the Parliament. 

We continue media discourse to promote public support for women’s political participation at the national level.

We Act to

  • Continue the public campaign aimed at increasing debate on women’s political participation based on the ongoing campaign “EQUAL” launched in 2015.
  • Promote increased Gender Quota during the revisions of the Electoral Code.
  • Carry out monitoring of women participation in the electoral cycle, supporting women candidates visibility during election campaigns.
  • Ensure political parties to include Women Agenda in their election manifestos through dialogue events, meetings, lobbying activities, and other public activities.
  • Initiate public advocacy campaigns to promote Women Agenda into the Government policies, including promotion of the women labor rights and fighting discrimination in the labor market.
  • Participate in all the processes and developments regarding gender equality at the national level with a contribution by expert judgment and evidence base.
  • Examine and enhance the working and learning potential of friendship groups of the National Assemblies of Armenia and Sweden and enhance dialogue between newly elected women MPs of di˛erent political parties by supporting an informal platform of collaboration.
We work with
Women political leaders, women MPs, and other RA Parliament members, representatives of political parties in the government, media representatives and Gender organizations.
The project is implemented by OxYGen Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women Rights in partnership with ProMedia-Gender NGO and its WomenNet portal, with the ÿnancial support of Government Offices of Sweden.