OxYGen Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women Rights was founded by Oxfam in Armenia in 2015.

Oxfam has been working in Armenia from 1994-2017, to improve the lives and livelihoods of poor people particularly those living in rural and isolated parts of the country. The organisation helped to build trust in people’s ability to have a say on decisions affecting their lives.
Positive change at the community level has been fostered through policy and advocacy work on the national level. Over the years Oxfam branched out to find new ways to empower individuals, communities, and organizations in Armenia to build a future free from the injustice of poverty.

OxYGen builds on the twenty-year reputation of Oxfam in Armenia and takes forward Oxfam’s work to deliver the objectives in line with its organisational mission.

The name “OxYGen” reflects its roots in Oxfam (Ox), and its intention to focus its work with youth (Y) and on issues of gender (G).

“OxYGen” as a local foundation is more flexible in shaping its interventions and is mostly local needs driven. We maintain Oxfam’s country office proved capacity to bring tangible positive change in the lives of poor and vulnerable groups.


Our mission

OxYGen is an independent advocacy and development foundation driven by its vision of Armenia free of poverty and suffering, in which women and men can exercise their rights and influence decisions that impact on their lives.

We want justice in Armenia. We build partnerships and jointly advocate for systemic positive change. We make things happen here and now by contributing to the

Econspanmc justice
Accospannable governance
Youtspan mpowerment
Resispanince building and humanitarian assistance


Strategic directions

OxYGen projects help to build trust in people’s ability to have a say on decisions affecting their lives and support women to have their say at government level. OxYGen focuses its work on the national level influencing and campaigning for pro-poor policies, supported by the evidence based research and grass roots development agricultural models in regions of Armenia. It is influencing and advocacy organization at national level, that advocates for pro-poor policies and leverages its community based development models nationwide. OxYGen works with alliances and networks to campaign for pro poor policies and addressing the causes of poverty and inequality in five strategic directions.

Creating and promoting economic opportunities for poor women and men, advocating for pro-poor economic policies and their implementation to ensure resilient livelihoods in the country.

Poor people and civil society organizations they are involved in achieve increased transparency and accountability in government through participatory decision making and enhanced public control.

Young women and men confronting poverty and injustice, access conducive economic opportunities and have experienced transformational shift in their power to exercise their voice in decision-making and hold government accountable.

Women experience transformational shift in their power to exercise their political, economic and socio-cultural rights through changes in attitudes, ideas, beliefs about women and gender relations, increased levels of women participation and critical leadership in institutions, decision-making and change processes.

Individuals, communities, local and national level stakeholders are supported to prepare, resist, respond and recover from disasters and crises.


Board of trustees

Olga Ghazaryan

Olga Ghazaryan has more than 25 years of global experience...

OxYGen’s Chair of Trustees

Tom Winslow

Tom Winslow is a founding board member of OxYGen Foundation....

OxYGen’s Board of Trustees


Our team

Margarita Hakobyan

Margarita Hakobyan is the executive director of OxYGen foundation since...




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