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Women in Politics

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Women in Politics is a joint project implemented by UNDP in Armenia in partnership with RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures and OxYGen Foundation, with support from UK Good Governance Fund, aiming at empowerment of women and youth in local governance.

The overarching goal of the project is to contribute to enhanced political participation of women, with specific focus on enhanced representation and participation of females, including young generation, in community development processes.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Diagnose policy gaps and perceptions for women political participation from grassroots to the national level (research)
  • Empower women to advance their leadership potential and skills vis-a-vis community development processes; set up female-led ‘integrity islands’
  • Strengthen the role of political parties as the main “gate opener” for entry of women in politics
  • Facilitate policy dialogue on gender equality in the context of ongoing reforms
  • Advance public discourse on issues of gender equality and women participation at all levels
  • Empower active young women and men in the communities through empathy-building leadership models as enablers of local democracy and women support groups


The project will contribute to the following results:

Strategies and recommendations on measures to improve women political participation developed based on evidence collected;
Leadership potential and skills of women and youth in communities of Armenia are advanced for community development and transparent and accountable governance
Role and capacities of political parties for advancing women in politics are enhanced;
Policy dialogue on gender equality in the context of local development and ongoing reforms from local to subnational and national levels is facilitated; (v) Public discourse on issues of gender equality, women and youth participation at all levels is advanced through advocacy and public campaigns;
Active young women and men in local communities are empowered: (i) as future local leaders; (ii) as enablers of local democracy.


Implementation Period:  December 2018–March 2021