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The project aims to contribute to mainstreaming gender sensitive approaches into legislative work in Armenia, by working closely with members of Parliament in Armenia and members of major political parties that are not represented in the Parliament. The proposed project will allow policymakers and practitioners not only to focus on the consequences of gender inequality but also to identify and address the processes that cause that. These bodies are well-positioned to provide a strong role model for government agencies and other organizations in mainstreaming gender throughout the legislative process.

The mainstreaming of gender-sensitive approach will allow ensuring that the human rights of both women and men are fully acknowledged and guaranteed in existing legislation. Through comprehensive gender analysis and gender mainstreaming of a piece of legislation’s identified by the project, the project will contribute to the creation of the network of cross-party collaboration, knowledge exchange and capacity building for policy makers to promote gender equality principles in law making and mitigate any existing political, social or economic inequalities between men and women.




  1. To build the capacity of key stakeholders, with the specific focus on women MPs, for shaping the gender-responsive legislation as a mainstreaming strategy during all the stages of public policy formation in Armenia.
  1. To build the awareness and responsibility of political parties within and beyond the Parliament on legal and voluntary measures that political parties can adopt to enhance gender equality within party structures, for providing both women and men equal opportunities to participate meaningfully in the political life of the country.


The Project is implemented by OxYGen Foundation and National Democratic Institute with the financial support of United States Agency for International Development USAID


Implementation Period May 2020/ February 2021