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Put words and feelings into action and campaign with us to tackle poverty and Inequality.
Campaign with us, join our team to make our voice heard, and contribute to lasting change.
Join local groups of OxYGen partners and supporters, who are located all around the country. We bring together like minded people who want to take action locally to tackle poverty and inequality. Most groups meet monthly to discuss campaigns and plan local activities such as campaign stalls, displays and events.
We are stronger together.

“Equal” – Time to end extreme inequality. 

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Economic inequality has reached extreme levels. Extreme inequality corrupts politics and hinders economic growth.
It exacerbates gender inequality, and causes a range of health and social problems. It stifles social mobility, keeping some families poor for generations, while others enjoy year after year of privilege. It fuels crime and even violent conflict. These corrosive consequences affect us all, but the impact is worst for the poorest people.
The world has woken up to the gap between the rich and rest. Oxfam Even It Up global movement is demanding a world that is fairer. OxYGen Equal campaign joins this growing movement to end extreme inequality and Even it Up.


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