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- Apply before 25.04.2019



- Apply before 22.12.2018

Webpage developer

- Apply before 10.10.2018

Media Competition 

- Apply before 01.10.2018

Event Coordinator

- Apply before 12.08.2018

Trainer on Entrepreneurship - Apply before 20.07.2018

Finance and HR Assistant - Apply before 10.07.2018

Agricultural Alliance Coordinator- Apply before 10.07.2018

Gender Expert- Apply before 15.07.2018

Trainer on transversal skills - Apply before 06.06.2018


Youth Program Officer - Apply before 28.01.2018

Youth Program Coordinator - Apply before 22.01.2018

Economic Justice Programme Officer - Apply before 19.01.2018


Expert for developing Online Resilience Library - Deadline November 5, 2017 


GIS Expert for developing GIS model of Dilijan community LLRM assessments- Deadline 31 October, 2017 


DRR Programme Coordinator - Apply before 6.04.2015


Women Economic Empowerment and Leadership Consultant - Deadline June 3, 2017