Agricultiral Alliance of Armenia


Agricultural Alliance of Armenia is a volunteer base multi-stakeholder national platform aiming at creating a joint partnership and advocacy in the sector of agriculture in Armenia. It is a joint commitment of 19 civil society organizations working towards agricultural development in the country.

Me are aiming at
• Joint advocacy and lobbying on policy making and legislation improvement
• Exchange of information and best practices; creating multi-stakeholder learning environment
• Acting as a mediator between farmers and Government to enhancing the Agricultural policy dialog

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Horizon stands in the roots of establishment of the Agricultural Alliance. For organizations with limited resources the Alliance is the best platform to maximize impact and influence. The best example of the work accomplished in collaboration with the Alliance is related to agricultural crediting sphere according to which the creditor as an obligatory condition started to declare loan actual rate, which ensured transparency in the loan provision.
Gor Movsesyan, Horizon Fund

The work of the Alliance and the people's feedback who are involved in agricultural sphere, show that the Alliance and its member organizations have adopted a unique approach in advocating for agricultural sector developments, particularly in the creation of vital infrastructures. The Agriculture Alliance serve as an umbrella for creating additional opportunities for the member organizations to enhance outreach and effectiveness.
Vardan Urutyan, ICARE Foundation

I do really proud that today Armenia has multi-stakeholder CSO’s network established by the active actors in Agriculture sector. I also proud that I am a part of this and can participate in many interesting and professional policy dialogs and joint advocacy and campaigning initiatives generating within the Agricultural Alliance conducive environment.
Vadim Uzunyan, Oxfam Armenia


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It is proved by experience that multi stakeholder networks are more efficient while advocating and crafting policies.

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