What we do

OxYGen is an independent advocacy and development foundation driven by its vision of an Armenia free of poverty and suffering, in which women and men can exercise their rights and influence decisions that impact on their lives.
OxYGen builds on the twenty years of Oxfam in Armenia reputation and takes forward Oxfam's work to deliver objectives in line with its mission. The name “OxYGen” reflects its roots in Oxfam, and its intention to focus its work on youth and issues of gender.

We will always act, we will speak out, and we mobilise our efforts to address the poverty and inequality in Armenia.

Rural social enterprise hope for better future.

“The project has given us the chance to rebuild something that we haven’t had here for 20 years. It is a real lift for the whole community.”
Jema Gevorgyan, who currently works in “Ayrum Fruits”

Building resilient communities in Armenia

The project builds resilience of vulnerable communities and individuals to natural disasters in the South Caucasus and changes their life to be better prepared and protected and less exposed to disasters such as earthquakes, floods or landslides.

Act jointly to address the climate change shocks in Armenia

The project calls to combine the efforts of all relevant stakeholders to address the issues of climate change, enhance adaptation and promote resilience of agriculture, thus contributing to sustainable development of the country. 

200 years needed for gender equality

All initiatives of "Equal" campaign are aimed at increasing women’s engagement in economic and political life and raising women’s representation in decision making processes.

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Empowering rural women

If you want to be successful in your community, you need people’s trust as an important prerequisite.

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Improving the lives of rural women.

For us the most importantachievement is to build sustainable basis, which allows to continue our work even after completion of the project.