About us

OxYGen is guided by its mission to reduce poverty through promoting rural economic development and improved governance.
OxYGen continues Oxfam’s efforts in supporting citizens to participate in decision making processes; to take action over issues that impact on their communities and to demand accountability from decision makers.
OxYGen” promotes poor rural women’s rights through supporting them to increase incomes and gain increased influence over decisions that impact on them. We focus our efforts in the agricultural sector.

How We work

How we work

OxYGen is driven by its vision of an Armenia free of poverty and suffering, in which everyone can practice their rights and influence decisions that have an effect on their lives.

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A short history of Oxygen

A short history of Oxygen kubik photo

Explore the short but significantly impressive history of OxYGen
Oxfam in Armenia is transforming itself from the current program into “OxYGen” Armenian foundation with strategic partnership with Oxfam International. We will leave a legacy that fits with Armenia's needs and Oxfam's inheritance in building a just and dynamic future for Armenia

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Plans, Report and Polices

Plans reports

As an organisation, OxYGen is committed to openness and transparency.

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