Our History

OxYGen is an independent advocacy and development foundation driven by its vision of an Armenia free of poverty and suffering, in which women and men can exercise their rights and influence decisions that impact on their lives.

OxYGen Foundation was established by Oxfam GB in 2015. It builds on the twenty years of Oxfam in Armenia reputation and takes forward Oxfam’s work to deliver objectives in line with its mission. The name “OxYGen” reflects its roots in Oxfam, and its intention to focus its work on youth and issues of gender.

We want justice in Armenia
We build partnerships and advocate for systemic change
We build partnerships and advocate for systemic change

Strategic Directions

Economic Justice

Creating and promoting economic opportunities for poor women and men, advocating for pro-poor economic policies and their implementation to ensure resilient livelihoods in the country.

Accountable Governance

Poor people and civil society organizations they are involved in achieve increased transparency and accountability in government through participatory decision making and enhanced public control.

Youth Empowerment

Young women and men confronting poverty and injustice, access conducive economic opportunities and have experienced transformational shift in their power to exercise their voice in decision-making and hold government accountable.

Gender Equality

Women experience transformational shift in their power to exercise their political, economic and socio-cultural rights through changes in attitudes, ideas, beliefs about women, increased levels of women participation and critical leadership in institutions, decision-making and change processes.

Resilience Building

Individuals, communities, local and national level stakeholders are supported to prepare, resist, respond and recover from disasters and crises.




OxYGen Foundation